Friday, 19 September, 2008 18:30

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
the shortening days...
energize my faint very soul
cool crisp autumn days.....


Short entry... not enough sleep, feel like shit in general.

More specific today, though.

Face hurts. Bones hurt.

Diaphragm hurts from coughing.

Chest hurts from coughing.

And I can sleep when I take cough medicine... which jacks my BP up, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Because not sleeping probably does that too.

And I know that the coughing spells do too.

I was up at 05:30, after getting to bed at midnight and probably going to sleep at 01:00.

I called Lana about 09:00, and she didn't answer her phone, which I thought was probably good news... she had felt better and gone to work.

Alas! She called back ten minutes later... she was doing better, but not that much better, and she was going back to sleep.

Sounded like a good idea to me... so I wasted a coupla hours trying to sleep.

When I got up I was hungry, and I had to go out anyway, I had dropped my ID at the docs' office on Wednesday... I called her and asked what she wanted for lunch. And I stopped at Taco Tico and got us some tacos and sanchos.

We ate, and I was hoping that I could stay awake long enough to drive home....

And there was a detour on 6th street, so I made an additional detour to see Karens' memorial at Hospice House... very nice, I'll take the camera (which is kinda working now, I think that I need to buy a new battery after five years...) and let y'all see.

No luck sleeping, so I sat around coughing and browsing until I got hungry again then fixed supper and then started this entry.

And now I shall post this and take some cough medicine and go to sleep for a long, long time, I hope.

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