We host Friday evening outdoor volleball games throughout the summer. Last night was our last evening for the year as the daylight wains earlier and earlier.

It was a great season, and last night was as good play as ever.

At one point I had a perfect set and spiked the ball so hard and solidly I could feel it oblique and knew that as it rocketed away from my hand, that were anyone to try and bump it, it would have bounced off them who knows where. As it turned out, no one did touch it. It was just such a meaty hit, it felt soooooo good.

The very next volley, the other team went up to spike and I was in the blocking position, jumped up and roofed the guy. Both hands blocking the ball. My opponent joked about how now I was all hopped up on adrenaline from that spike, and he was probably right. My vertical leap is not all that great, but I was feeling it.

We played late, so that our last game ending in a 15-12 victory was getting so dark we could hardly see the ball. We retreated inside for some pizza and beer. Then back outside for a nice bon fire. All in all it was a perfect ending to a great season here at MIDVALCRE Stadium. I look forward to next season. Time to start in door again.

Man, I am feeling it today too. Stiff and sore.

But it was soooooo worth it.

And yeah, I realize this has nothing to do with religion or atheism, or freethinking etc. but I never said I was only about that.


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