Monday, 22 September, 2008 22:49

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
Monday Monday hah!
Means nothing to me anymore!
Neither does Friday....

First, my response to a blogger who thinks that Obama is a non-patriotic Muslim:

People who look at all sides of the questions... question their sources. It appears that you haven't done that. And I find that it's strange for anyone who has a memory before 8/11 can look at America today and say, "Ooooo! It's so much better now! I want more, more MORE of the same, please, sir!" Palin is scary, especially if you're a professed atheist, as you and I are. I would suggest in regards to your statements on Obama. Also, take a think about J McCain in regards to his publicly demonstrated symptoms of Alzheimer's... and fear Palin.

So many people are just half-imformed, poorly informed or just believe all of the fucking lies it makes my sick.

McCain is not a hero... he's a vet, who went through things that many, many vets went through. Many of them died, of course, and he didn't.

Heros do things... save lives through acts of heroism... things that might get them killed, things that do get them killed. They throw themselves on grenades, take out machine-gun nests single-handed, carry their wounded buddies out on their backs through machine-gun fire, y'know, shit like that. They do much much more than just survive.

John McCain survived. Good on him.

I have many friends that survived.

Doesn't mean that they should be leading the country.

The gullibility of the USA citizen scares me... and it has for almost all of my life.

Enough about the world, let's talk about me, then.

I still feel like shit, but marginally less so than yesterday.

I've got an appointment on Wednesday to see my doc. Still coughing up/blowing out green stuff. Still got a temp. Got chills tonight several times.

Kim came over after work, we had to talk about some things.

And then Missy came over for a visit, her young son Mason was having ball practice up the road a ways, and she walked down. It's always so good to see her, she's just a really cool person.

And I talked to Lana (speaking of cool people!) and she was doing well enough to go to work today... I'm hoping that we both feel well enough that I can see her tomorrow, I really miss seeing her.

I'm going on a different diabetic medication starting tomorrow... hope that it works better.

And it's 11:11 (23:11) and I need to sleep now....

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