Tuesday, 23 September, 2008 21:11

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
shit happens often;
if we are ready or not....
we are not boy scouts.

Eh, where to start with the bad news...

I'll just lay it all out in chrono order.

Kim lost her house. Not sure of the details. That's two out of the three houses for her kids that Karen financed with our money.

I felt a little creaky getting out of bed today, and then when I went to take a shower I realized that I couldn't't stand up... so I tried to and was brought to my knees with a psoas cramp. I had forgotton (thankfully) how much that hurts.

I got a text message from JD this afternoon... he has been laid off... his project didn't get funded.

The only good thing about that is... JD has been trying to figger out what to do with his life for the last year or two, but he was waffling about it... now a decision has to be made.

And I still feel like shit, but I'm moving much more slowly and carefully. I see my doc tomorrow at 14:45 and I'll get some drugs at the very least.

Kim brought me some whisky and some cheeseburgers from McDs... whiskey seems to work well with the back problems, along with some drugs, heh.

I think that after I see the doc tomorrow I'll make an appointment with the massage lady... I just wish that insurance would pay for it.

I thought that I got a good sleep last night, but I am so damned sleepy.....

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