Wednesday, 24 September, 2008 19:58

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

the days... blank pages;
to be writ boldly or not...
but they must be writ.


It has been a day, certainly. It didn't begin until about 12:30.

Crummy sleep, as usual, but besides the cough, the back problems make it even harder to sleep comfortably.

I've got a lot to say about politics, but I will continue to internalize it all, which will give me an ulcer and cancer, so I hope that y'all appreciate that, heh.

About 14:00 I decided to get dressed for my 14:45 appointment. Dressing usually takes me about three minutes.

Today it took about twenty, and I had some doubts about it getting done at all... bad backs make normal movents incredibly painful.

But I did get dressed, and then had another mountain to scale... getting in the car. Again, pain. And I knew that getting out was going to be just as bad, if not worse.

So I got there and hobbled into the office... luckily, there were benches appropriately spaced.

And yeah, I've got pneumonia and a sprained back. Duh.

The doc gave me a breathing treatment and a script for an antibiotic and pain pills for the back and an inhaler.

And right now I seem to be doing better, at least the back isn't grabbing me every ten minutes or so.

While I was on my way home, Kim called, she was going by the store and offered to get me groceries, so I had her get me some saltines... and she also got a pizza, which I will cook tomorrow for lunch and supper and breakfast for Friday, heh.

And the drugs, they are working on my head too... very very sleepy.

Tomorrow - will be a happier day!

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