Thursday, 25 September, 2008 18:38

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
the days... blank pages;
to be writ boldly or not...
but they must be writ.

No new haiku, and almost no entry....

The meds are pretty much kicking my ass, but doing their job, I think.

The back is much better, hasn't grabbed me but once today... and it's way too early for the pneumonia to be getting better, of course.

I woke up about 06"30 today, then snugly dozed off and on until 12:30 or so. It was nice, of course, but I felt guilty... stupid, I know, but that's just the way that I am.

Not so guilty that I won't do the same thing tomorrow, of course. It's the best way to heal up., and I need to do that.

Three days without a shower, though, that is starting to get to me. Spit baths don't get it... but I'm afraid to stand up and take a shower. Tomorrow I'll try again.

I got an email from an old, old friend today... Eileen... I really miss her. She and I worked third shift for years together, she worked in the ER, and teaches now after she got her Masters... or maybe her doctorate, I can't remember. Very cool lady, though.

I don't like this not being able to think bacause of drugs, so I'm going to quit trying to think and just go to bed.

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Comment by Rosa on September 25, 2008 at 7:09pm
Hello there Mr. Douglas, I hope your recovering from whatever it is you've got.

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