Jehovah's Witnesses On Mission From God Murdered 13 People.

Source - Mail Online
More reasons to get rid of religion.

Two Jehovah's Witnesses, claiming to be on mission from God to cleanse world of sinners, murdered 13 people during a nine-month period according to news report.
The report say that the two accused suspected serial killer were "twisted". The implication is that they were just crazy insane people on a killing spree. That may well be so, but their religious belief did play a great role in their decision.
According to the report 'the killers claimed to be on a mission from God'.
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Comment by Lone Wolf on September 28, 2008 at 3:03pm
Playing gods advocate for a moment; These two would probably have committed the murders with or with out a belief in Yahweh. What ever reason why serial killers kill, they would still kill regardless of what justification they use or even if they have one at all. Serial killers are evil and like to kill. [end gods advocate] How ever many have killed in the name of one god or another and if they hadn't believed in that or any other god(s) they would not have killed. Once people put there morality in the hand of a god anything that they think that god wants become morally right.
Comment by Khemisi on September 28, 2008 at 10:58am
Peoples and nations still kill in the name of God/The Lord/Allah/Jehovah, etc.. This is as true today as it was in Biblical, Torah, and Qua'raanic times. Religion has always been used to deflect from the monstrosities that man inflicts upon his fellow man as God's will or Allah's will. Even today in the "21st century" over two thousand years since Jesus supposedly came to save people, the world is in much more peril. The God of The Holy Bible is indeed a psychopath and maniacal figure who commissions untold atrocities on a regular basis. It is no suprise to me that some followers who are inclined will take the teachings to the level of killing. The proof is right there in the book. The problems is that Christians don't read their own scriptures, nor do they read any of the Quaraanic scriptures to see the non-moral teachings for "the Chosen" to adhere to. Just in case you haven't noticed yet after over 5 years in Iraq this invasion/war is indeed a Holy War of mostly a Christian nation against a Moslem nation. God Kills. Since Jesus is God to many, Jesus Kills and since Allah is God to many, Allah kills. By the way, Jehovah kills too. Come on now start thinking. Use your evolutionary built neurons!!!!!!!



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