I know I'm not alone, but it sure feels like it.

Here in Springfield, Illinois the culture is predominantly religious based, so activities in the community that don't cost any money are awash with religious-based programs and activities that require exposure to "scripture."

I am aware of local Freethinker Meetups that gather once a month, but the last few I missed because of my work schedule. There is one Unitarian Universalist Congregation here, but I totally reject all religion and organizations that tolerate all religions.

A quick survey of MySpace revealed 484 MySpacers in Springfield, Illinois that chose Atheist as their Religion, but I'm not up to trolling them for friend requests. That would be creepy. Most of them have other interests besides beliefs that dominate their lives and profiles at MySpace.

Most of us here appear predisposed to seeing religious influence on our culture as an intrusion into our lives and an attempt to control our freedom and choices.

There are those who choose atheism so they may feel better about their "sins", and there are those who choose atheism as a consequence of good education. I'm not much into partying all the time and I'm also not much interested in intellectual competition. I'm into breaking the back of religious based authority and freeing oppressed minds.

If you saw my contribution today in Forums, my Facebook account was shut down. We must reach out to the public, but a clandestine manner. Arguments and debates about religion just shut other people down.

Following these points at http://www.sageofspringfield.com/cognition/DaleCarnegie.htm might increase the odds of gaining allies and working toward the change in our culture we so desperately need.

I'm looking for secular activities in Springfield, Illinois.

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Comment by Turtle Poser on November 9, 2009 at 9:53pm
Good luck, I know that town although not very well.

I was thinking about folks I know who "became atheist" so they could keep "sinning." Yet, these folks went back to their religion in time because with many forms of Christianity you can sin, be forgiven, sin, be forgiven & so on. You just have to time it so that you are forgiven before you die. For instance, you don't want to die while committing adultery. You want to die after you've prayed to God to forgive you. It's a pretty sweet deal! If it weren't for the fact that I don't actually believe this, I'd still be a Christian too.



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