Monday, 29 September, 2008 21:24:44

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
the coin was a dime.
in my chubby little hand
it bought planes and dreams.

Well, Bushs' bamboozling bullshit stick is apparently all worn out.

Congress was not going to be panicked this time, no they weren't. Twice was enough for them.

The worst thing that might happen? It happened more than seven years ago.

And today, finally, things started getting better.

Chicken Little has had his way with the Americal People for too long... his appointment with Colonel Sanders is in the very near future.

We don't need a bail-out, but a shake-down and a lock-up.

The government has been setting bad examples with the hurry-up-gimmee-money-money-money bailouts... it's time for that bullshit to end.

There is nothing urgent in this matter... just as there was no hurry on the Patriot Act or the Bush Doctrine Iraq War act.

They just want to speed it up so that no-one sees what is happening.

The first version of the bill had no oversight... just give them 700 billion bucks, and don't ask any questions about where it went... and they'll make sure that you don't get hurt, heh (heh,heh).

Yeah, the markets went down. Spectacularly. And they'll go down again tomorrow... either more of less.

And pretty soon, they'll level off, and start gaining, and later, things will be valued according to what they're worth, and those guys that had to jump out of their windows will be dead and buried and life... life will go on.

Hopefully, with more government regulation. No, those bastards cannot be trusted. None of them.

Back to real life....

No drugs last night, I though that I could go to sleep without, I was tired.

And I was wrong.

Gave up on sleeping at 01:30... didn't try again until after 05:00. We had a nice little thunderstorm come through about 04:00, spectacular lightning show.

Finally took my second shower in 16 hours and went to bed again about 09:00 and slept like a log until 17:30.

And I was ravenous... tried several friends to go out to eat but no luck... so I went to the vietnamese place again, really liking that place.

By rights, I should stay up all night, but I'm gonna do some drugs and go to sleep and try to get my ass back on a daytime schedule.

Health report - back is much, much better. Coughing is infrequent now, and productive, nice clear stuff though. And no green snot... all of this is good.

And my attitude is not nearly so sucky, either.

I am not a grump when I'm sick, like so many people are... but I'm a lump. I hermitize, my best impression of hibernation healing.

And I'm over that now, back to the land of the living.

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