Back in March 2008 I began posting on Mercy Ministries of Australia. Initially it was just a passing news story, I commented on it first here: Mercy, mercy , mercy me... which I followed with Here cometh the pain, or have mercy on Mercy? .

Mercy and Gloria jeans went into damage control and really the story continued to get bigger. I posted Damage Control in an attempt to cut through some of the spin(note Peter Irvine has since issued a private apology to the girls for the statements he made - you can see it here )

Does Mercy Work? was the first time I started discussing the program and some of the survivors started commenting on my work, adding further insight. Other news outlets followed up on the story, In her own words... was a link to Naomi Johnson's story where we began hearing the voices of Mercy survivors, they were articulate, intelligent and surprisingly, not bitter.

The CEO of Gloria Jeans steps down. hints at some of the fallout from the debacle and the links of fellowship as opposed to legal or financial ties between Christian owned business.

Mercy Ministries expanding examined the plans for expansion and covered Peter Irvine's repeated attack on the survivors credibility(which he has since apologised for).

Matt Stone, one of the few christians speaking out against the abuse was linked to in Mercy Girls.

Mercy's anti-gay agenda had come to light in Jesus cures teh gay where we found out that Sy Rodgers material was shown to the women with "sexual identity" issues who attended Mercy .

In Murky Ministries I commented on the lack of credible statistics and the inflated success rate that was being bandied about. Mercy has since commissioned a survey (releasing just enough detail to spin some positive press - my comment on it is here )

In Poor Peter Irvine, "If I say it's true it's true -... I commented on Peter Irvine's continued attempts to promote Mercy and deny involvement with the Pentecostal giant Hillsong. Following that same train of thought I posted Mercy not run by Hillsong, but they are partners. which further explored the connection between Mercy and Hillsong.

In What the Senate had to say on Mercy Ministries there was an interesting attempt to have the Senate investigate Mercy Ministries, but as we found out Pentecostals have some significant pull within the Liberal party in Liberal Party connections to Hillsong and sympathy... and Liberal Party Connections to Hillsong and Sympathy for Mercy cont...

Further links between Mercy and Gloria Jeans was discussed in Mercy and Gloria Jeans in Peter Irvine's Own words... and other connections between Mercy, Hillsong, and Gloria Jeans in No Connections between Hillsong and Gloria Jeans? and No connections between Hillsong and Mercy?

And finally in X-Mercy Stories I'd had enough, it seemed no one was doing anything about the situation and I decided to offer my blog as a vehicle to give the women and their stories more coverage.

Survivor Stories - in their own words.

The last round up of posting was posted on May 18 you can find a post with links of the stories till that date here.

Following that date was Karen's story.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

These women were the brave few that felt that they could overcome the pain and anguish Mercy Inflicted upon them, to talk about the problem. I am not privy to the names of all the women who have come forward but I understand the number to be between 15 to 20 people in Australia alone.

My recent comments

The posts below are my comments on Mercy Ministries both here and in America - on their program and their marketing spin:

No we do not use Deliverance Ministry or Exorcism

Oh where art thou Nancy?

The Hon. Ian Hunter defends mercy victims again..

Mercy Ministries scandal in the US

Fraudulent Pastor Mike Guglielmucci

News Flash - Mercy Asics update.
Peter Irvine Apologises . . . sort of

Mercy Ministries and Mick Huckabee

Mercy Ministries Update - Blood from Stone

Ex-Mercy on her motivations for outing Nancy Alcorn

Insider response to Mercy Ministries scandal

Mercy Ministries to take in 11 year old pregnant girl

Mercy America's survey of Ex-Residents

So there you are, all up to date.

One thing that still shocks and saddens me to this date is that, myself an atheist seems to be the only one that has continued to defend these women and push their story.

Where are the Christian bloggers up in arms, where is the outcry over Christians persecuting Christians? The silence is deafening

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Comment by Sean the Blogonaut on October 1, 2008 at 12:49am
Cool Buffy, there is a lot of reading in there. One reason I decided to put it toogether was to give readers a synopsis.
Comment by Buffy on September 30, 2008 at 10:24pm
I'm bookmarking this for more intensive reading later. Bringing down the "ex-gay" industry is one of my fondest wishes. They're a complete scam built on lies and hatred, dressed up as love and "therapy". It sickens me that they're even allowed to exist.



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