Thanks so much for supporting my sociological survey. I have been looking at the data as they come in, and so far there are no big surprises, but I have not begun to cross tabulate any variables as yet. Nearly 25% are outside of the US, which is great, but I am hoping for many more as we keep this live for another couple weeks.

Please send me feedback or comment!

Tom Arcaro

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Comment by tom arcaro on October 7, 2008 at 9:48pm
Wow, Jim, thanks for the troubleshooting. I have the settings on the survey such that only one response can come from each IP address, hopefully minimizing data contamination.

Thanks to all for taking the time and energy to participate!
Comment by tom arcaro on September 30, 2008 at 1:52pm
Thanks for your comments!
Comment by hanspshansen on September 30, 2008 at 1:49pm
ok, more bad grammatic :-)

i agree by thom about the politick thing, i am an sosialist, is that librial? for me obama is an right wing candidat i never woud have votet for :-)

i hade also a little problem then you asked about my convertetion, i was told i wasnt an agnostik but i was an atheist on a webpage, does it mean i wasnt atheist before i was told? its also a problem because you can be an atheist and an agnostick inn the same time.

sorry about the spelling, but i think it is more readebil then if i wrote it in norwegian :-)
Comment by Thom Holloway on September 30, 2008 at 12:37pm
I completed the survey and noted two things:
1. There were a couple of grammatical errors in the questions... mostly repeated words or phrases.
2. It was difficult to accurately answer some of the questions. Either the phraseology was bad or the choices were bad. One example was the question about being liberal or conservative. First, that's a false dichotomy. There are other political stances besides con/lib. Second, one choice was "somewhat conservative" and another choice was "somewhat liberal". If you stick with the con/lib dichotomy of the question then what is the difference? If you are somewhat liberal then you are also somewhat conservative. But mostly I had trouble answering the coming-out questions because the answers didn't quite apply. I would guess that 90% of the people that know me don't know that I'm an atheist. On the other hand, I have no clue as to their stand on theism. It never comes up. We talk about the Bucs and the Rays, we talk about the weather, fishing, cars, the price of gas, but not about our religion or lack of it. I wouldn't hide my atheism if asked but it has rarely come up in conversation. One question asked how many of my social circle were atheists. I don't have a clue. Although I'm a radical atheist on the internet, in "real life" the topic just never comes up. Maybe that says something right there. In any case, I guessed that a few of my friends are atheists but I could be completely off base.
I answered as best I could. Hope it helps.

Eat well, stay fit, Die Anyway.
Comment by tom arcaro on September 30, 2008 at 9:09am
Thanks for the shout out on your blog. Those that go to the AN site should be able to take the survey. Here is the info regarding the link:

or put this into the web page:

Click Here to take survey

Thanks and let me know if this works. I have over 1100 responses so far and I plan to keep the site live for another two weeks or more.



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