The universe has no commitment to make us happy

We are temporary beings subject to the laws of the universe and we are raised and shaped to have the mentality that we can "have it your way" when in reality we cannot. We are determined by a chain of cause and effects, and when things don't go how we think they "ought" to, then we are discontented. Our longing for comfort and survival go so far as to the point we disillusion ourselves to believe there are such things as ghosts\spirits that live on after our physical bodies die, that there is a god that we will meet after death, etc... There is no evidence of such things and it only reflect mans instinct and longing for survival.

The only way to be content is to accept that we are transient beings in a chaotic violent universe. We are made of recyclable material that will be recycled again, and our consciousness will not follow. If we accept this, we know our term is the only term we have, and the closest thing to an objective purpose that there is, is simply to survive. The universe has no commitment to make us happy. Happiness is drug that too many are addicted to. We can only be content with how things are, not how we think things ought to be.

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