Went to a special screening of Religulous last night!

It was beyond amazing! Bill Maher does a superb job in asking normally intelligent people (sometimes not so) why they believe in something that so resembles a fairytale.
At many points in the movie Bill Maher leaves his interview subjects speechless on topics on the bible, because the subjects are ignorant.
This was also my first outing with fellow atheists and was amazed at how many people out in my area thought like I did. The whole experience was quite refreshing.
I'm about to run out to door as I post this, but I just have to say something. When the chance comes for you to see Religulous, defiantly go see it!

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Comment by hammurabi on September 30, 2008 at 6:27pm
This movie is coming here on Friday, I am going to see it with my son and his girlfriend, who he describes as "a nice atheist girl". Can't wait!



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