Nancy Alcorn is gay, another Ex-gay ministry under fire

Or so it is revealed in the Nashville scene. Scene reporter Caleb Hannan was able to track down a former patient and confidant of Nancy's, Jennifer Wynne, who was witness and part to a cover up of Nancy's long term liaison with Lisa a "cured "lesbian who worked as a nutritionist at Mercy. It seems Nancy was smitten with this woman, buying her expensive gifts (cars and a house). The situation became so obvious that a pastor suggested - you guessed it a separation contract. The two continued to meet, bumping into each other regularly.

For the girls at Mercy, it wasn't hard to guess why Alcorn overreacted. Her speeches routinely boasted of the virginity she'd kept into her 50s. She attributed it solely to the sacrifice she'd made in order to build her ministry. But Rebecca, Ferris and the other girls had another guess as to why Alcorn remained single.

"It was a running joke," says Rebecca, "because everyone knew that Nancy was gay."


While Wynne was in Dallas, Alcorn told her about Lisa, a nutritionist at the Nashville home. Lisa had been gay for 17 years, said Alcorn, but now she was straight. Which made it all the more puzzling to Wynne when Alcorn would shut her door at night with Lisa in the bed behind her. Wynne wasn't sure exactly what was happening. She just knew that every once in a while Alcorn could be counted on to rush into her room in the middle of the night, frantically begging Wynne to pray with her that Lisa wouldn't leave.

Thus began a pattern. Lisa would threaten to go and Alcorn would buy her something. First it was a Range Rover. Then a newer Range Rover. And finally a house in Belle Meade. When Alcorn's pastor caught wind of the relationship, he offered a remedy reminiscent of Alcorn's own prescription for preventing lesbianism: a separation contract.

Suddenly Wynne's job title changed. At 20 years old, she was already Mercy's youngest intake director, the second-highest gig in the house. Now she was also Alcorn's alibi.

Wynne was dragged along to local coffee shops to witness Alcorn and Lisa's "accidental" run-ins. They'd leave together afterward. Meanwhile, Wynne was hiding a secret of her own.


Of course Nancy and Lisa have denied this, easy to do when you have been denying it to yourself for so long.

The rest of the article, aside from this revelation is well written, quotes Ex-Mercy's blog and generally gives a good run down of Mercy scandal worldwide with several quotes from Mercy Survivors. Certainly a better written and more favourable piece than that presented by the Tennesean.

If you are a Mercy Survivor supporter pas around the good news, link to the article.

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