I’m aggravated with people (creationists) giving “God” all the credit all the time for everything that they find good, beautiful, and right, in their lives. This man-made “God” gets all of the credit that should go to Nature. People need to respect Nature, the Universe, not God. If people don’t take care of our only known livable planet, it will die, and us along with it. Admit it; there is and will be no God to save us when we have destroyed the planet and all of its resources. I’m sure the creationists will call it Armageddon, and apply some supernatural reasoning for it, but the truth is, it would just be mans doing.

People spend all their days talking about the greatness of God, and how great it is that God gave us this planet and food, etc… If that were even true, then they certainly show little respect to that in which has been given to them. Nature is beautiful. Nature is what we are part of, it is our mother. Not God. We need to respect Nature and our beautiful planet. I’m seeing the planet go down the drain because people can’t see past themselves and their illusionary God. It is quite sad.

When a doctor saves a child in a hospital that had little chance to live, it is not a miracle of god. Do not thank God. Thank the doctor, thank science. The air we breathe, the water we drink, food, the sun, the moon, love, friendship… all provided by Mother Nature. Not God. Science helps us to understand nature, and to learn its ways. We may not have all the answers, but to put God in those gaps is like sticking a piece of chewed up bubble gum on a leaking dam. It won’t hold long.

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Comment by Zevaeros on October 2, 2008 at 1:39pm
A lot of this sounds like pantheist philosophy to me. Of course, the godly don't give credit to their deity for the awful and ugly things in nature -- natural disasters, less aesthetically pleasing creatures, and so on.
Comment by TJMorgan on October 2, 2008 at 11:24am
Yea, that's the other thing. The ideal of free-will was intended for and supposed to get god off the hook for the bad things that men do. Make man think he has free-will and he is responsibile for the bad things that happen, and that keeps God's reputation relatively clean. Too bad it doesn't work. It doesn't account for natural disasters, god would still have to have done that even if god did it to punish bad men.

Also men having free-will contradicts "gods will." If everything is "gods will" and he has planned everything, then it is a deterministic environment, and man really doesn't have free-will. Man wouldn't have control over anything because it is all in gods plan, and is willed by god. They are trying to have it both ways, they end up contradicting themselves, and in doing so, expose their lies.
Comment by Buffy on October 2, 2008 at 10:37am
Indeed. All that is good comes from God, even if that good was provided by many humans working together (e.g. a skyscraper or a rescue team during a disaster). "Oh, if it weren't for God those humans never would have been created, let alone given the talent to do what they did" claims the believer.

Then they claim all bad comes from humans or Satan, even if it's a natural disaster. "That hurricane happened because the gays and abortionists made God mad." Notice how even though God made the hurricane, it was because of those nasty humans. God apparently doesn't have any of the "free will" or self-control that the RRRWers are always bandying about.

What's most annoying about it is they don't' see how hypocritical and illogical it all is.

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