Saturday, 04 October, 2008 22:40

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
and the stars at night
well they don't shine very bright...
here in Topeka.

A nice day all around.

Not perfect, but after all, how many perfect days will there ever be?

Yeah, I didn't win the lottery. I would have, but I forgot to buy the ticket, dammit.

It was yet another beautiful Kansas day, and I enjoyed a lot of it outside.

Well, not the whole day, but the afternoon... I didn't get up until noon.

I was up about 07:30, and told myself that I should get up, but I didn't listen to me. I think that's a character fault....

I had my alarm set for 09:00, snoozebarred that until I got tired of it and turned it off.

Then I went out shopping, after a fashion... I got some light bulbs for underneath my built-in microwave, they have never worked, but now I know how to change them.

The hardware store is by a dollar store and Big Lots, so after I got the bulbs I bought about $8 worth of dollar stuff, including two pairs of reading glasses... you can never have too many reading glasses unless you don't or can't read, heh.

Then on to Big Lots... and I didn't buy anything there at all, for a change.

When I got home, my neighbor was out, so I talked to her for a while... I told her that I would turn my back lights on all of the time if she would leave hers off... I want to be able to see the stars, dammit!

My ploy was unsuccessful, though... there was a guy eight or ten years ago that was looking in her back window and there was no way that she was leaving her light off.

So OK. I can understand that, I don't think that she should be uncomfortable in her own home.

And I don't live in the country, after all.

That, of course, can be solved. And, given the timing, that decision should be slow and careful. Very, very careful.

I don't really need a big piece of land... I don't want a lawn that needs mowing, and all I need is a house with two or three bedrooms surrounded by trees, kinda, but not enough to heighten the horizon.

Enough trees to keep the neighbors from hearing me play my guitar at the max, heh.

And a barn for a shop, of course.

So I think that I'll keep my truck, instead of selling it... right now is a good time for selling 4WD vehicles, of course.

And if I can't make this work, I can always sell it next fall.

When I got back from shopping, I installed the lights... I had taken the fixture out about a year ago, so I can check off a long-standing task, heh.

Lana got to spend the day with her grand-daughter today, took her to the zoo... and there's no sure way of wearing out a three-year-old, but grandmas do wear out.

So I'm a bit jealous... I love little girls... I remember when Lacee was that age and would follow me around... so damned cute, she was.

I went out a bit ago to (not) look at the stars, and in addition to my neighbors' lights, there is a back-yard neighbor who has some work-lights out in his back-yard so that they can throw horse-shoes. At 23:00... must be having a party, because they are very loud... wish I had gotten an invite!

I also got to talk to brother Dan for quite a while tonight, and that was very good.

I had a coupla small steaks tonight, and they were very good... I think that I'm getting the knack of steaks on the stove. I can do them just fine on a grill, of course, like every other male in the world.

I have decided that tomorrow is going to be a nice day too... and maybe even a perfect one.

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Comment by Douglas Franklin on October 5, 2008 at 11:42pm
I lost a coupla days posts here, but you can catch up by going to if you want.
Comment by Douglas Franklin on October 4, 2008 at 11:31pm
I lost a coupla days posts here, but you can catch up by going to if you want.

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