Sunday, 05 October, 2008 22:52

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
starting at the stars
is scary for a thinker;
we are so damned small...

Well, it was not a perfect day... I didn't get to sleep until 08:00 this morning.

I had told Lana that we would do something fun today, and totally flaked out, and she probably hates me now, dammit.

I'm hoping that when I start going to the Y on a regular basis, this will pass.

So I got up about noonish, and I was foggy until about 15:00 or so.

I did get some little things around the house done, though, but as usual, I didn't make a dent in what needs to be done.

I'm really thinking more seriously about moving out of town; my next-door neighbor now has a coupla dogs (probably his girlfriends') that are yappy, and don't like me being alive and moving... I can't go out the back door without setting them off.

So not only can I not look at the stars, I can't even have auditory peace in my own back yard.

I've got to figger out how to get away from here.

I think at this point, it would be best to put my house on the market and see what happens. I'm pretty sure that I can find something pretty quickly, since I pulled some money out of the stock market and put it in liquid (more or less) cash.

I talked to my old best friend Gaylen, I'm going to spend next Sunday with him, his wife is going to be out of town. He lives outside of Lawrence and is really into astronomy, which I want to do, of course, with some non-light-polluted skies.

I also talked to my friend Ginny, who lives out by Perry lake, which has even less light pollution but is further away.

So I've got outlying friends in almost every direction as good resources.

One thing that I don't want to do is build. I really wouldn't mind living in a shack, as long as I could have high-speed, heh. O'yeah, and electricity. Indoor plumbing would be nice, too.

So today was not a good one, regarding Lana at least, and I'm feeling bad about that.

Sleep... I gotta get that shit figgered out, so I can interact socially, dammit. I think that this is the second or third time that I've stood Lana up for the same reason, and that is pretty much inexcusable.

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