Monday, 06 October, 2008 20:13

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
starting at the stars
is scary for a thinker;
we are so damned small...

Shit. Just shit.

Fuck! is probably closer.

I was awakened before 09:00, when my alarm was going to go off.

By a phene call.

From my previous boss.

My friend and former co-worker Duane had been hit by a car this morning about 06:50.

This is the same crosswalk where my friend Linda was killed about ten years ago.

Since her death, there was a crosswalk light installed.

I crossed that street a million times with Duane. He never failed to hit the light, and he wouldn't step into the intersection until those big yellow lights were flashing.

There was a car that stopped in the middle lane, and he passed that one and someone came through the right lane and hit him.

Luckily, she braked enough that he wasn't killed outright, like Linda was.

He was thrown about fifteen feet, though... he has a broken leg and blood in his skull... his brain got sloshed around pretty good. He didn't have any evident marks on his face, though.

Hopefully, the brain was only smaller vessels, there wasn't any concentrated areas of bleeding, like there would be if there was a major vessel broken.

I am coming about as close as I will ever come to praying... I think that he has a really good chance of recovery.

I was at the hospital from 10:00 until after 13:00... got to visit with a lot of people that I enjoy and miss.

Duane and his wife Sandy are the people who have the Arkansas house... I've been down there twice, the first time with Karen and some other people, and then after Karens' death with my co-workers in August of 2007.

Sandy seemed to be holding together, but just barely.

And I am really bummed.

Nothing to do but wait.

Sandy retired about two weeks ago, and Duane was jealous, couldn't wait to join her.

I hope that he fully recovers and never has to work again.

I think that with a full recovery it would be six months before he could come back to work... and he'll be 62 by then. He was planning to work until he was 65, but I think I can talk him out of that, heh.

And that has been most of my day... it was rainy this afternoon, and will be for the next day or so.

And my other friend Duane and I are going fishing on Thursday, I'm looking forward to that. In fact, I think that I'll go out and put the new line on my reels now!

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