To both liberals and conservatives; FUCK YOU! Be a human bing and come to the middle!

I was reading the commenrts on a Youtube video by Pat Condell. The video is about the islamification of the UK(specifically the adoption of sharia courts) and there where many stupid comments from stupid people. People calling for a genocide against Muslims, Muslims calling Pat a racist and other stupid stuff. One of the things the stupid people where saying was against liberalism and it got me thinking. What about conservatism? Yes its liberalism that has allowed and even fed the islamification of the UK but at the same time its conservative Islam that has been pushing the islamification of the Europ.

Here in the US we have a problem with conservatism. The right wing conservatives are trying (and succeeding) to push there religious beliefs into the government. Anti-abortion, ant-gay marriage, anti-separation of church and state, pro-death penalty and so on, all based on there religious beliefs. There have even been some saying they want the law to be based on biblical law.
And aggravating the problem is that the liberals in this country are so weak that they let the conservatives turn the word "liberal" into a bad word.

The problem is not just liberalism or conservatism, its both. They both have good and bad quality's and despite what people call them selfs every one is both liberal and conservative. Every conservative has liberal ideas and every liberal has conservative ideas. They both have bad things too them as well. And ether one in extreme is bad but where stuck in a world of extreme liberalism and conservatism.

Thats the problem and thats what we live with. What we need is centrism.

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