Is your reservation in eternity smoking or nonsmoking?

Cutesy little sayings on church signs irritate the hell out of me. I'm so very unbearably tempted to sneak around in the middle of the night changing them around to say something smart assed.
My mom and I were passing a church on the way back from work today and although I usually avoid making any comments about anything religion-related around my family I said something like, "I'm sorry but those church signs with smart little sayings on them irritate the crap outta me." Her response? "Me too!" Her point of view is that they provoke and confuse the public and church signs should have announcements, sermon titles, and schedules on them along with an uplifting bible verse, not some quip that the pastor's wife thought up and thought was cute. I told her that I've seen some that were downright scary from my point of view because they spoke of things like christian soldiers fighting wars/battles and whatnot. She agreed that she also hated them for that reason. From her point of view that kind of thing is an "insider" saying that can be misleading to the public.
It was interesting that we agreed on something like that, be it for totally different reasons. I wish I could remember more of the annoying things I've read on church signs around here...
"Sign broken. Get message inside."
"Is your reservation in eternity smoking or nonsmoking?"
"Don't worry! Let God take care of it!" Great way to run your life. Just sit back and let your imaginary friend take care of things.

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Comment by Daley on October 12, 2008 at 9:36am
I agree.
The major point of all of this is that it IS NOT meant to spread peace or is meant to be condescending and a "We're #1" attitude towards other religions and churches.

It isn't about the message.
It's about how many people hear it.
Quantity instead of quality.
Comment by Mark A. Siefert on October 9, 2008 at 7:10pm
I do believe that there is a church sign generator on the web... a quick Google Search... AH!



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