I can't write.

Oh yes, I do love writing. I do have loads of people tell me that I write well. I listen to them sing high praise for my word-smithing and I take pride in nearly every post for the simple "talent" of making words flow from my fingers.

I'll link all my friends when I feel I've written something especially exemplary of my "talent" and I'll take a little bit more pride...

But then I go and read something by somebody truly masterful of language. I'll be swept up in their intoxicating sentence structures. I'll have my heartstrings pulled and feel them resonate deep within, all from funny little symbols on paper or a screen which have been put together in just the right way to carry meaning so profound as to provoke passions and fierce intellect within me.

I simply can't do it. I can't make paragraphs so pristine. I can't make stories so stirring.

My writing looks like finger painting compared to their great art.

That is all.

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