Saturday, 11 October, 2008 19:26

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
murky moon, cloudy...
not entirely excluded
by the frontal skuds.

Again, a nice day... beautiful weather once more, just perfect, in fact.

I didn't get up until 10:30, and remained foggy for a while... didn't get dressed until noonish.

I mentioned yesterday that Lana had a funeral to go to in Arkansas, so I kinda wanted to spend some time with her today and deep-six the plans that I had, but when I called her she invited me to go with her to Arkansas... which surprised he hell out of me, and of course I immediately said yes.

Since I hadn't called off my other plan yet (spending some time with my old friend Ginny) I called her... and she suddenly had a bunch of other stuff that had to be done today. We were going to meet up at Lazios, but that didn't work out for her either, dammit.

I spent the afternoon piddling around in the shop... I throw stuff away, and nothing changes, dammit, the junk multiplies overnight, I think. Just like coat hangers used to .. the plastic ones don't do that, and I won't delve into the reasons for that at this time.

I'll go see Gaylen tomorrow and spend the day tramping around his woods and philosophising and maybe throwing some horseshoes... my arm is still kinda sore from fishing, though.

I'll have to remember to take my hat... even with it on, I still got quite a bit of sun on Thursday.

And my face kinda hurts too, from smiling so much whenever I caught a fish, which was fairly constant! Man, I love being smarter than bass....

Tonight will be another relatively early night, tard I am.

I just saw some horrible news on the AP wire... the Chiefs are planning on trading Tony Gonzales!

The assholes.

KCs loss, however, might get Tony a chance to play for a go-for-the-gold team, and I would love to see him do that, and get a Super Bowl Ring. He deserves that.

And I will definitely be picking another favorite team, I really truly will... or maybe no team at all.

This perpetual rebuilding that Peterson has been doing for the last 20 years? Has got them nowhere, and will never get them anywhere, and trading Tony will be the last straw for me.

Or maybe just thinking about trading him is the last straw... There's always Green Bay, I've got 40 years of loyalty to them as my second, after all.

And I might just say to hell with pro football... it's just a show, after all. The players' loyalty lasts for maybe nine months, and the owners have none besides the dollar.

O'well. I'm sure that I'll find something else to do on Sundays.

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