Zeitgeist Addendum, and The Venus Project

It's late I'm tired, but I feel the need to get this on my page.

Also see Future by design


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Comment by Seth R. on October 12, 2008 at 5:29pm
It's hopeful too, at no other time in history would we be able to pull off something like what the Venus Project suggests. I don't have money, but I have resources and great technical ability which I give away a lot because it's my joy to give.

Most of the technical people in the hacker culture are happy to code for pizza and beer. It is that kind of thing we need, we need cybernetics to automate all the menial tasks that make for disgruntled workers. In the geek and nerd world we have millions of talented people building and inventing for the joy of it. What we need to do is ask them to give us a wish list of items they need to build let's say an automated pizza and beer making machine, then with the steady supply of pizza and beer we can ask them what they need to make next.

More then likely they will want to make a machine that makes the pizza and beer making machine, then they would want to make a machine that makes the machine that makes the machine that makes pizza and beer. Next they would want to make a machine that repairs and maintains all three. From this they then build a machine that makes machines that make anything related to food and beverage.

When all this is going on we ask the crafting and clothing geeks what they need to make their dreams, they would say, we need the other guys to come over here and make us a machine that cuts and stitches clothing we design on a CAD pc. The Pizza/Beer geeks come back to us with a wish list for a laser etcher and a CAD plotter or vinyl decal cutter. They build a laser plotter that laser cuts the fabric and then using another laser spot welds the seams together using polyester thread for a virtually seamless fit. Then the make the machine that makes the machine that makes the clothes, sometimes they make a machine that spits out blouses make of pizza, you know after to much beer but for the most part they do a good job.

And on and on for the society and we can become what we were meant to be artists, teachers, philosophers, scientists, dreamers, musicians, entertainers, and wonderful gifts for each other to enjoy.

Comment by Daley on October 12, 2008 at 4:28pm
That was a very interesting viewing.
There's some good information.

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