Sunday, 12 October, 2008 21:43

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
murky moon, cloudy...
not entirely excluded
by the frontal skuds.

Very, very tired after having a wonderful day with my old friend Gaylen.

We did throw some horseshoes and play some pool and drank a little whisky and beer.

And sat around in his woods and beside his woods and talked and looked at the sky and the forest and philosophized impressively.

We are both excellent bullshitters, just like my brother and my boys... we should all get together sometimes, that would be a blast.

And I finally got to meet his most excellent wife Brandy... and his two excellent hounds Bo and Hannah, who loved me up quite impressively.

Dammit, I love dogs... I need a place where I can have one and not feel guilty. We have very strict leash laws here, and I need somewhere that a dog can run.

Now I have to pack and shower and sleep... we're leaving about 09:00 in the morning, and I'm really looking forward to this trip with Lana, even though it's for a sad reason.

We're going to the prettiest part of Arkansas, right on the Buffalo river, where I have canoed several times, once with brother Dan on a great trip 25 years ago.

Gaylen still goes down every year with a good friend of his and an acquaintance of mine, another guy named Doug.

The next update might be tuesday or Wednesday, I'm not really sure. It'll be here when it gets here, and I most likely won't have access in Jasper....

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