Friday, 17 October, 2008 22:20

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
damn, oblate, oblate
the moon, the weird description...
displays many quirks.

Letter: We can heed lesson

The Capital-Journal
Published Monday, October 13, 2008

People can get smarter, sometimes even congresspeople.

I admire Nancy Boyda's take on the bailout: "He's trying to ram it through with little debate by sowing fear and anxiety. I don't like those tactics, and I don't like his proposal." Yes, they may be right, this time.

But a blank check? No.

And a future without financial regulation? No, no, a thousand times no.

John McCain has consistently voted for and fought for deregulation in almost every aspect of corporate doings. Regulation was initiated because of corporate greed. Now we know what happens without it.

I have limited means, but I have supported Nancy Boyda and Barack Obama to the best of my abilities and maybe a little beyond. This election is important to our country. We need to get rid of the avarice in the upper reaches of our government and our society.

Avarice and arrogance have driven our country into the ground, and we need to stop digging the hole. Throw the old bums out, and hope the new ones will, at the very least, have consciences.

I was not aware that they published this until Wanda (Moms' cousin) called me... I think that I shall be writing a lot more letters to the editor, just because of the on-line comments, heh. When someone starts off calling you an idiot, you pretty much know all that you need to know about them.

That will be fun, poking holes in, uh, to be generous, Kansas Right-wing-nuts' regurgitated talking points. Not that they would ever listen.

Today was a fair day... I got up at 07:00, went out to breakfast at Lazios and got a chance to talk to Betsy, the owner and an old friend... and found out that she still lives at the same place, and still has the same wonderful pond, and that yes, I am certainly welcome to fish there! She mentioned giving me a key, which I will hold precious, you betcha!

After that, I went up to see Duane... he got his ET tube removed, and he's doing OK with that, but not much progress otherwise, dammit.

Little steps... I just want my friend back, dammit, and I want him back RIGHT NOW!

Making chili tonight... the onion was especially cry-worthy, heh. Like my lacrimal glands needed cleaning out....

I'm actually not doing much crying lately at all... I will never be over losing Karen, but I'm determined to live and enjoy life... and life is still wonderful.

I also got a massage today after I saw Duane... wonderful. A massage has gone into my budget...

Actually, I would prefer one every day, but once a month has to do, dammit.

I like getting up at 07:00, and I need to do that every day. Which means that I need to go to bed earlier. Not cool, because I want to be conscious 24/7, but that doesn't work out physiologically.

But it's only a little after 22:00 now, so I should be able to get to sleep before 23:00, which gives me eight hours, which should be enough for an old man.

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