Well I was hoping to spend some time getting some thoughts down here and with the various groups and of course time has gotten away from me. Fall is a very busy time here where I work. We are in the agricultural field and so business is tied closely to the seasons. I was also planning a little project to act as a kind of framework for posts, but that has also been slow as I was trying to contact some people about it. Oh well. But I have been taking some notes and listening to podcasts and have some things to say. What is both uplifting and yet at the same time it kind of takes the wind out of my sails is that I have some ideas and then I hear them well discussed in a particular podcast. So while it is nice to see these ideas expressed and discussed, it then also sometimes makes me feel like going through posting is now just going over old territory and rehashing. Oh well.

I did start two groups here on the Nexus, one is for people from North Dakota, which is currently up. The other I am just waiting on it being accepted and I will post again when that happens. But if anyone is from North Dakota, check out that group!

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