Monday, 20 October, 2008 21:28

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
And the lady wins.
yes, The lady always wins.
Damn! it's only right.

And here I thought that I had gotten over dental anxiety... I should have taken a pill.

The dentist didn't really hurt me that much, but I had a lot of anesthetic injected.

It's the psychological pain that I wasn't prepared for, I guess.

Once the temp crown was on and I was home, I cancelled my plans for the rest of the day... I was totally exhausted, and it was only 10:00.

I thought that this would be a good day to take a nap, so I did, about three hours' worth, and it was nice and almost perfect.

Almost, but it was marred by the damned cat.

I do move around some while I sleep, and I was awakened by Callie scratching my right forearm... evidently I had offended her, probably by touching her... she's pretty skittery.

O'well, it was only a flesh wound, and it was time to wake up anyway.

The rest of the day was pretty well wasted in the way that I have become accustomed to... web, e-mail and, and... well, that's it, that's how I waste my time.

Three-fourths of my web time is news... I've got the AP feed from Salon, and that's great for a news junky.

I do fear that too much news is not necessarily good for me, though... un-awareness would be a good thing sometimes.

Or maybe not... not being aware of the things happening in our world could be dangerous, sorta like willful ignorance, if you would do it the way I would have to... just cut if off completely.

Why O Why can I not just be able to hit in the middle of that spectrum, or any other one, for that Matter?

Generally, if I do something, I pretty much do it all out until I get bored and then I move on.

It usta be CNN 24-hour news, well, you know what happened to that, it's an entertainment channel now, and TV news is general sucks.

It also sucks that my jaw hurts from getting needles poked into it. Hopefully it'll be done by the morning.

My hippie neighbor across the street has an Obama sign in his yard, wonder how long it'll stay there... my signs were for Nancy Boyda and a dem running for state senate.

I have a completely clear day tomorrow, and I want to keep it that way....

I talked with JD tonight, I might be going down there later this week or next week.

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