Its been a while sense I posted anything so why not start by defending blogging.
I read an article in Weird called "Kill Your Blog". (You can read it here (it has a different name which made it hard to find)) His arguments are that that blogging has been flooded by "Cut-rate" journalists, underground marketing campaigns that are "drowning out the authentic voices of amateur wordsmiths" its hard to get readers, blogs have become impersonal (as if they have ever been personal), blogs are no longer at the top of google searches and now blogs from major news site take up most of the top 100. Basically he arguing that blogging has changed.

Well what what did he expect? When you start a band wagon people jump on it. It was only a matter of time before more people started blogging and corporations took notice. And its not hard to get noticed just don't expect thousands or even hundreds of views a day and don't expect to get many views right away. You just need to write interesting posts. I know for some people thats not easy but as long as you go for quality over quantity you will end up with some interesting posts that people will read. It just takes some time. As for the corporate blogs and the advertisement blogs, with any popular medium you get this, its only a madder of time before this happens to Youtube, Twitter and social networking sites.

The alternatives he gives are no replacement for a blog, they don't even necessarily do what blogs do. He gives Facebook and Flicker as alternatives to blogs for image publishing and yes they are good for that but a blog is not necessarily a good place for image publishing however if your a artist and you want feed back a blog is a good place for publishing your work not the only place but one of the good ones. He gives Youtube as an alternative for video publishing. Well yes but it dose not replace a blog. And its not necessarily the best for video publishing (but nether is a blog). His third alternative is Twitter. Twitter is in no way shape or form an alternative or replacement for a blog, Twitter limits each twit to 140 characters, most short blog posts are larger than that.

The only good point he had was the frekin' trolls but those are not just a problems on blogs (check some of the comments at Youtube) there a problem in many places.

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