The economy had hit every one and some it hit like a ton of bricks. For Infidel Guy it hit like ton of bricks. Cause of the economy and his atheism he is having very hard time finding a job and cause of a raw deal with his landlord he can't keep his apartment. The future of th Infidel Guy show is uncertain so if you have some extra money and you like the show please donate (go to Infidel an look for the "donate" button), every little but will help.

If you haven't head of the Infidel Guy show. The Infidel Guy Show is one of the first internet radio programs thats been broadcasting since 1999, The Infidel Guy show has brought you uninterrupted freethought and science-minded guests such as Michio Kaku, Dan Barker, Ken Miller, Michael Shermer, Asia Carrera, Richard Dawkins, Massimo Pigliucci, James Randi and many others. The Infidel Guy Show take a good investigative look at religious beliefs, political systems, social issues, economic systems, the paranormal, pseudo-science and scientific claims.

So if you are an atheist, an agnostic, a freethinker or just some one interested in good intelligent debate and conversation, check the Infidel Guy Show out.

Ed Brayton - This Presidential Election and The ACLU

Black Freethought During the Early Civil Rights Movement

Imagine No Superstition

Kent Hovind vs

Infidel Guy podcast
Containing new and old shows


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