In The UK; Many Young Muslims Support Suicide Bombing New Poll Reveals

More reasons to get rid of religion:

It is often argued by "moderate Muslims" that the Qur'aan and Islam do not teach nor promote hate and terrorism and those who do so are not real Muslim; They are just common criminalizes. However, that is not true. Allah and the Qur'aan promote killing other people whom they termed 'non-believers'. Allah himself gave these Muslims the license to kill dis-believers. According to the Qura'an translated by M.H.Shakir, in Sura 47:4, and I quote 'So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when have overcome them....', in Sura 4:56, I quote '(as for) those who disbelieve in our communications, We shall make them enter fire; so oft as their skins are thoroughly burned,....', Sura 2:191 say in part, 'And kill them where ever you find them....', Sura 4:84 in part 'Fight them in Allah's way;....', Sura 2:216 'Fighting is enjoined on you....'. Allah even send his Messengers/Angles to help Muhammad and his group of bandits wage war on other people, as recorded in Sura 3:125, where is says in part '....,your Lord will assist you with five thousand of the havoc-making angles'.
This people are not just common criminalizes but are religious criminalizes acting upon their religious conviction and this is what this UK poll shows.

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