Will the internet be the end of religion?

In the past, the only information people had access too was the story’s and ides of the people around them. Whit the advent of the printing press people now has access to information in the books they could get ahold of but there access to information was still limited and most would never leave there town or city. People had no information on where the world came from, where humanity came from why people got sick, what lightening was and why it strikes where it strikes. They had no explanations but super natural explanations.

But whit the development of science people found explanations, explanations supported by evidence.

Where in the past peoples access to information was limited to what they heard from others and maybe what they could read in the library. With advent of the internet people have almost limitless access to information and ideas. If some one has a question, they can look up the answer, if some one is interested in something they can quickly find information about and debates about it.

In this new enviroment can religion survive? Christianity, Islam and Judaism are based on books, books that are internally inconsistent and many of the story’s in them are inconsistent with what archeology tells us. And other religions are based on equally shaky ground. We no longer need super natural explanations to answer questions of where we came from and why things happen, science has answered those questions. And the answers are readily available to anyone who looks.

With answers readily available and errors of religion readily exposed on the internet. What does this mean for religion? Ignorants is what gave religion its power in the past. “Why did that tornado destroy my house?” “Why did my child die?” “Where did we come from?” with science and the internet answering these questions less people look to superstitions and religion for answers. And with religion not giving people the answers the seek it become less important. In this new enviroment religion or at least religion as we know it can not survive.

With the rise of science and the internet this may be the dawn of the death of religion.

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Comment by Valaguru Nehru on October 26, 2008 at 12:11am
Yes Sir. I accept your view. Success of religion is in ignorance. But Internet is giving wonderful opportunity to know about the truth. Religion always gives noreply to the questions, they are always saying believe, believe - not asking questions. But Internet is giving answers to hundreds of questions. Worldwise answer for a particular place question, numerous ways of answer for a specific question, different views of answer for a particular view question. Religion was bulid in lies. Religion suppressed ideas and questions against it. But Internet is opening all the gates of truth. Yes Internet, is the way for the death of religion.



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