God Needs Your Prayers And Fellowship For His Survival

Does God need your prayers? This is a question I placed recently to some Christian friends of mine. The answer I received was interesting, 'As Christians', they claimed 'we know that "God does not need our prayer but he needs us to pray to him"'. 'Why' I asked, '"Because it is one of his requirements"' they reply. So as God's creation you are required to pray to him according to Christianity.
Also, the Christian religion teach that the reason why God needs us to pray to him is because he created man to have fellowship or be together with him. However, because Adam and Eve broke that togetherness by their so called sin, God then wants, but in my view, he needs, to resume that fellowship.
Why do I say God "needs" to resume that togetherness? Because of the extremity God went through by sending his "only son", Jesus, to die on a cross for that purpose. That's the action of one who is very desperate for companionship or should I say "fellowship".

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Comment by Krista on October 26, 2008 at 2:28pm
I was never taught anything on the specific subject of prayer but I was taught that god deserves our worship because he's so awesome and all that. Our creation and our communication with him was all a big gift that we never appreciated enough. Also, god is a jealous god and if we don't give him attention he'll think we love things of this world more. Wouldn't want to piss him off.
Really the nature of god is very vague. They try to sell you the loving god/father stuff but when asked they will agree that he is also a wrathful/jealous god and you should be careful not to stray from his will. Doesn't make sense. We all know that. Sounds like god is a pretty volatile guy.



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