My Atheist relevant posts on Associated Content!

I've written just a few editorials about subjects relevant to atheists for publication on Associated content but they seem to get a huge response. Some of the discussions in their comments are more entertaining than the articles themselves!

I was a little afraid to post anything that made it clear I'm an atheist for fear of getting bashed, possibly physically again but I went ahead and started doing so about a year ago on another site. I've gotten plenty of nasty pm's and emails but nothing I can't handle.

Automatic God Belief and the Almighty Milky Teat

Where Morality Comes From, One Atheist's Opinion

Does Life Have Meaning Without God?

Two of these have some fun discussions going on in their comments, too. One of those commenters is a person who regularly messages me to tell me I MUST believe in God.

It would be a great help to me if you would visit any of these articles and leave a comment or two on AC. I think it's great when atheist topics end up on the most discussed list on Associated Content - or anywhere else, really.

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Comment by Fr33think3r on February 9, 2010 at 7:56am
Kylyssa, I was just writing a note about and when I decided to check to see if anyone else was writing about them. The point of my note was that we should be more involved in these type of sites as well as be involved in local news sites. We should provide an everyday face to atheism and let people that we are in the community with them.
Do you have any thoughts or input about AssociatedContent? Have you checked out

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