Okay so I'm at my girlfriends mother's home. We have Xmas early because she has to work on Xmas day. So we go to her mother's to celebrate earlly. Family comes over and so on.
So later that night I turn on the History Channel. I'm a guy, right? It's all we ever watch unless there is a game on. Ask any women, they'll tell you this is true. Must be written in stone somewhere.
So I'm watching this show about the Garden of Eden. Guy says it was located once where the Persian Gulf is. Ok. Big flood, the valley where the "garden" was gets flooded. Quickly too.
Well, I'm watching this and she says to me, "Why are you watching something about Adam and Eve when you're an atheist?"
She's college edcuated with a Master's.
Is it just me or does everyone BUT ME stop learning or reading when they leave school?
And as for religion, am I the only one who questions such things? Cripes, where would mankind be if we hadn't had a "Dark Age?" As one sage said, "If we hadn't had the dark ages we'd be out exploring the universe..."
Ya know...I think they're right....

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Comment by Rick on December 25, 2008 at 2:15am
Hummm I think I'll try the "Look! No horns!" thing....might be fun.
But then, I have met those who are really into the bible thing and believe in witches..... I guess they also believe that Casper is a ghost too..... humm wonder if Casper was known as the Friendly Boy.....?
Comment by Totem on December 24, 2008 at 8:43pm
Never stop learning, that is what separates us from the droids, our quest for knowledge and the truth.



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