Introducing Charles Volpe: Facebook Idiot.

I admit to often being on Facebook. I have friends and family everywhere--in fact, it's safe to say that there are more far away than near me--and this has been the best way for me to keep track of them and vice versa. I try to keep it to people I actually know, with just a handful I don't really, mostly for fun (I do have Jesus Sonofgod and The Prophet Mohammad on my list). Now and then, though, I am approached by some complete stranger. Every time...every single's been for conversion purposes. Introducing Charles Volpe: Facebook Idiot. You know how when someone tries to friend you, you can't see their whole profile but you can get a little info? His said:

"Political Views: Very Conservative
Religious Views: Jesus saves and athiests are going to hell"

Yes. He spelled 'atheists' wrong. Its also interesting that the concept of atheists going to hell is so dominant in his religious perspective that it's right up there with 'Jesus saves' when discussing his 'Religious Views.' Here is yesterday's exchange:

July 10 at 12:06pm
"Political Views: Very Conservative
Religious Views: Jesus saves and athiests are going to hell"
...and you want to be pals?

Charles Volpe
July 10 at 1:29pm

July 10 at 1:34pm
Jesus would not be bothering strangers online.

Then I blocked him and reported him for harassment. It's really...dumbfounding. This is his approach: I'm telling you you're going to hell--you are so despicable and immoral that you will be singled out and cast into the fiery pit--that is what I think of you. Let's be friends. Why? Because I need to show you God's love and isn't that what Jesus would do?

Message to Charles Volpe: Screw you and your nauseating self-righteousness. And your false humility. Please, do not pull this prickishness on me, friend. Let's just admit something right here, and honesty is the best policy, I believe (and I believe that if there was a Jesus, he would agree). Here's what he would say if he were a honest fellow. He would say: I hate you. I hate you because you force me to rethink my position every time I am reminded that there are alternate ways of thinking. I hate that; it makes me uncomfortable. It involves admitting I might have been wrong. So, I hate you. And because I insist of believing in a hell, I am extra-special-kittens-and unicorns-happy that you'll be going there, burning, writhing in pain while you watch your mother be raped for all eternity. I like that. Because I hate you. Hate. When I'm done actively hating you, I like to fall back on God's love and Jesus's humility and pretends it's my own. Even though I seethe with an acidic desire to put out your very eyes because you force me to look at myself critically, I will smile and I will ask you to open your arms to God. That's why I friended you on Facebook. Somehow, I expect you to see past my hate and accept what I have to say. I am. An idiot.

Really guy? This is your approach?

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Comment by IsThatLatin on July 17, 2008 at 8:07am
Kudos, Synth. :) I get the ex-smoker comparison. I am not an ex-Christian, so this analogy doesn't apply to me, but I am an ex-smoker, and I have zero tolerance for that as well. I can definitely see the resemblance--good analogy.

As for stupidity--when I was younger, I did, said, and thought a lot of stupid things. I mean, missing-a-chromosome-kind-of-stupid. I have no problem whatsoever saying that I was stupid then. And I won't have much of a problem ten or so years from now looking back at now and thinking "Boy, I was stupid." So, you can imagine that I have zero problem with addressing the stupidity of others.

As for Christians merely being uniformed--maybe that's how you view it as a former Christian. I think, though, the problems lies with how much information is out there. I imagine you would have to be pretty insular to not have some grasp of reality. I can see this with the home-schooled, and/or cultish church members who really aren't allowed too much contact with the rest of the rational world. I don't believe, though, that most people who call themselves 'Christians' fall into that category, and in that case, I'll say again, there is no excuse. They aren't just misinformed. These are people who refuse to be informed. Facts are staring them in the face and, due to whatever personal, individual hang-up they have (the inability to accept they've been lied to by people they trusted, the inability to accept they were wrong, the inability to accept their own stupidity [embrace your stupidity, I say! It's the only way you'll try to become smarter!], etc.), they purposefully and deliberately block the real world out. I have no respect for this and even less patience.

I admit that--I have no patience for adults who stomp their feet and squeeze their eyes shut tight, screaming that there is a God, there is a God. We're talking adults here! I wouldn't tolerate that from an adult regarding anything, let alone a pretend man in the sky. I can barely stand it from a child.
Comment by IsThatLatin on July 16, 2008 at 12:52pm
Is it so wrong for me to express incredulity in the face of such stupidity? I understand the sad and damaging indoctrination of children, and that in light of such abuse, religion is a hard habit to break. But, I am of the opinion that as adults, we have a responsibility to navigate life on our own merit and through our own reasoning (these people aren't shut off from the world and they have access to all sorts of reality). That said, there is no exuse for believing and being afraid of this nonsense. Just like a shitty upbringing isn't an excuse to go out and rape and kill; a religious upbringing is no excuse to continue to believe this crap when you've become a full-fledged, responsible adult.

That's just my opinion. And based on that opinion, count me amazed. I am amazed every single day that I wake up and see that the world is still full of religious nutbags who insist on pushing this garbage on their kids and everyone else.




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