One thing that really gets on my nerves is when people are not thankful. I do so much for some people yet they treat me like shit. I can't say I do the best, it's not like I'm perfect, but jezz I fucking do a lot. Give money here, then there, buy shit, pamper people's asses, get introuble just so other people won't. Why can't people see how much they treat me like shit, seriously. Then people ask "Why do you do it, it's not like I'm asking you to?" Maybe I get a good feeling when I make people happy. But for once I would like some things done for me, is that really so hard? I can't believe how selfcenterend people are. I can give someone money then when I ask for a lil bit down the rode I get bitched at.

Anther, when I talk on the phone to some people. Wow, can you make me feel more like shit. My dad says he called me, yeah we defintly don't have caller ID on cellphones...fucking lier. I hate how I can catch people in a lie. Can't you just come out an say. I would rather know then find out a month later. Ughh, people piss me off. Or you ask someone"What did you do today?" and they say "Nothing." Can you just say what you fucking did and some how it has to always go back "Why do you thinK I'm going to do something." And when I sound of blah on the phone no one asks me what is wrong. People used to detect it but nkow I'm just worthless.

I don't know...I really wish people will tell me how much I mean to them and would make me feel wanted in this place other then just always wanted to disapear.

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