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Today my wife and I went down to the license department at Parkway Place to get new plates. We waited in line for an hour or so, and went to our respective clerks. My clerk asked me if I wanted "the new God Bless America tag" or "the old one?" I said I'd actually rather have the Saturn V tag, which costs $50, but my dad worked on the Saturn V, and the proceeds go to the Saturn V Restoration Project. So I got that one. We left, and on the way to the food court, I notice that my wife had the God Bless America tag. I asked her and she said the lady said her old one was a duplicate, and she had to get a new tag, and asked if she wanted the old or new design, so she just said new. So after lunch, we go back down there and she walk up to the lady, Clerk 65, that helped her.

My wife: "This isn't the tag I wanted."
Clerk 65: "Yes, it is. You chose that one. You changed your mind?"
Me: "You didn't tell her it said God Bless America on it."
Clerk 65: "It's right there!" *holds up a tag for the whole room to see*
Me: "The receipt was covering it up!"
Clerk 65: "You want the old one, then?"
My wife: "Yes."
*lady takes the receipt back, and begins fiddling on the computer*
Clerk 65: "Somethin' wrong with God?"
Me: "He doesn't exist."
Clerk 65: "Ooooooooohhhhhh..."
My wife: "It's my personal beliefs and it's none of your business."
Clerk 65: "That's true. Thank goodness.."
*silence* *finally hands her the new tag*
Clerk 65: "Have a good day!"
My wife: You too.

I should've stayed out of it, but people like that really aggravate me. Of course, now, I can think of a dozen things that would've been more fun to say, but it's too late. For example, "I want the one that doesn't violate separation of church and state, please."


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Comment by Jim Craft on July 17, 2008 at 1:13pm
LJ User [inherentmalaise]
2007-03-22 04:39 am (from

The exchange was a bit different but this is mostly accurate... so frustrating, still.

LJ User [apostasist]
2007-03-22 10:16 am (from

Help me out then.. my memory sucks..



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