My first blog was a quick failure. Called, Rational Thought, it got something like 3 comments. I created it at the same time I was attempting podcasting. Boy, that podcasting thing didn't last long. It came and went in just a few months, superseded by sites like YouTube.

My next blog was on Yahoo360. I really enjoyed it. I had made a few friends off of Yahoo Answers and they carried over to the 360 site. I stopped blogging there for a variety of reasons... mainly because I felt that it was taking up too much of my time (I get addicted to sites pretty easily) and also because the blog was starting to get promoted by others pretty heavily and it started to freak me out. I mean, I had my penis size on there (long story there (and yes, pun intended)) and people were submitting it to news media outlets.

Anyway, after I stopped blogging there, I switched to YouTube and did that for several months. I took a break from YT a few months ago. I started to look for a new blogging/social networking site a couple of weeks ago... including Tailcast, Multiply, Myspace, etc... and here I am!

I don't have a plan as to what I want to blog about. When I first started online, it was to promote rational thought. I'd like to think that I had some decent success with my YouTube account, but I think it's time to move on and evolve.

If I get a new job I'm looking at (outside of the Emergency Room), I'll have more freetime and a little more structure to my life. I'd like to do more personal blogging on YouTube and here... getting away from the advocacy, education, and debating. I think there's enough people doing that now that I can try other things.

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Comment by Rosa on July 15, 2008 at 11:11am
wow, are you joking? cause if you are then it's very funny and if you are not that sounds very interesting. I just adore Salvador Dalí (*cough* without the ending "e"), I even read "Diario de un Genio" a few years ago. He's THE poster child excentric (although he states that he's both excentric AND completely concentric lol).

btw, could you give me the web address to your blog at Yahoo360? I want to read it (nothing to do with secretly wanting to find out your penis size or anything of course). ;)
Comment by Brian on July 7, 2008 at 12:37pm
um... I was going to do bizarre, artistic-y mime stuff with Salvadore Dali-style paintings in the background to the music of a atonal cow-bell dissonance sound collage :(

But I was also going to include tasteful depictions of biological digestive processes of voles as well. That makes it better, right?
Comment by Daniel on July 7, 2008 at 9:01am
well... you know i love your videos, but if your heart's not in it anymore... then i support whatever it is that you do next!

...unless of course you start doing bizarre, artistic-y mime stuff with salvador dali-style paintings in the background to the "music" of a atonal cow-bell dissonance sound collage you made...

sorry about that, i trailed off a bit. Still! i love your videos, and as sad as i am that you've stopped making them, i'm eager to see what you do next!



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