It seems that this place is more like My Space for atheist than I thought. Lots of discussions, but little in the way of blogging.
I feel rather giddy about meeting so many like minded people. I sure hope we can make this a primary blog place. It would be nice to get in on the ground floor.

I am a Xangan, I like their format which seems more conducive to conversations than it is for meeting people. I guess there are only so many things any blogsphere does, which expresses itself in varying degrees on different sites. I’d like to see this site be more like Xanga, but it looks to be a My Space knock off. That will be good when it gets really large, but for now it is more like what My Space should have been all along, small and intimate.

What do you think?

Nearly forgot to mention that I started a blogsphere or group I think they are called here, "Gondolin is my happy place" is the name. I posted a good philo conversation starter if anyone would like to join.

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