My husband, daughter and I volunteered this morning to help distribute "green" grocery/shopping bags to every household in our village today. We arrived at the village center early, chose our preferred distribution area, received our 150 bags and set out.

With the local Fox affiliate in tow.

They followed us from the village center back to our area, wired my husband with a mic and proceeded to dog our every step as we trudged through the neighborhood.

Until it began to pour, that is.

When the rain started coming down in buckets they split in a hurry, as did our daughter, leaving my husband and I to distribute the bags -- not so lightweight when they're sodden -- through the neighborhood. The sweatshirt I was wearing soaked up rainwater like a sponge, and I'm pretty sure my sneakers are ruined.

So tonight on our local Fox newscast -- in just a few minutes, in fact -- our neighbors will be treated to the sight of my husband and I slogging through up and down the streets, sopping wet, happy to help but in serious need of coffee.

And dry shoes.

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Comment by Michael Teply on July 13, 2009 at 6:34pm
Hopefully you let fox news know that you were not religious. I get tired of people being interviewed wareing crosses



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