In an article found here, an interesting side note has occurred to me, perhaps late.

Read the artilce before commenting. There are other threads on this forum as well, but I don't see anything addressing my points.

The Islington council doesn't have the power to decided whether Lillian Ladele's beliefs warrent special treatment, not if what she is expressing is something as common as Christian beliefs. Now if she objected because her pink cat had a prophesy, they'd be remiss not to dismiss it. I think they acted well within their power to rule as they did.

The implications of her attitude and whether it should be accepted in society without some better proofs or justifications of her truth claim, is not their duty. The other threads I mentioned seem caught up in implications alone, which seems to say that the Islington counsel failed in some way to do their job. Perhaps it does not bode well for the atheist community when things do not go our way, but we will live to fight another day. Don't ever sacrifice justice for a cause.

I would like to hear your thoughts.

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