An ocean parted
Words spoken, transcribed
A new pack of lies for the telling
Need some Laws, need some powerbroking
Destroy their common will

Who are you?
Who are you gonna be?
Slave, or free man?
You are the one who has to make the choice
To open your eyes, or close up your mind

The sheep are bleating
All in key
To a song of misery
And their drudgery
They will never be freed
Until they choose to be...


Enriching the wicked through scam
Uknowing, completely uncaring
Perpetuating the inequality
To sure up the power they stole from the sheep


A mission for the saints
They'll never be seen again
The reality - they're devils within
Blaspheming homo sapiens
Blaspheming against their very own kin


Makes me sick to think
I was one of you!
I was one of you!
I was one of you!

*I've intentionally left this section out, it's a mad tirade, full of swearing, and basically insulting the concept of religion and specifically the so-called "persons of the Christian Godhead", and I'm not 100% sure of the rules on that here. It mightn't even stay in the song, as it stands.*



I am an atheist
I have no fear
Of death
Or life
Or blinding lights

Call me crazy, but that last part has me punching the air. (these are lyrics by the way).

Decided to demote what used to be the chorus to simply another verse. I think it flows better the way it is now.

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