Out of shear curiosity, I just ordered my own free "Olympic Prayer Band" from an ad I clicked on the Drudge Report. I initially assumed that by "free" they meant I would have to donate money which I wouldn't have, but I was able to bypass that part and they are sending me my new wrist band! I will probably be spammed to death, but good ol' gmail will put an end to that rather quickly. Though I would hate for whoever has my old phone number because they might get a pleasant call soon.

I was also curious to why I am supposed to be praying for our communist friends. As it turns out, "Chinese Christians who refuse to register with the government controlled church are being persecuted. Many have undergone horrific suffering." The site makes no specifics, I do have to say that if this statement is true as I assume it is, it would piss me off to no end to be forced to subscribe to some religious doctrine of the State, no matter what religion it is. I am clearly not some huge advocate for Christianity, but I will say that this group is in a fight I can side with. Freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion. In this case, their fight is our fight too.

Read more and comment at http://inevitableconflict.blogspot.com/

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