In yet another example of the perverse sense of humor of the universe, an Indiana Wiccan stabbed herself in the foot with a sword while conducting a good-luck ritual.

MSNBC shares with us the story of Katherine Gunther, of Lebanon, IN. While performing the ceremony under the light of a full moon1 in a cemetery — which includes, apparently, repeatedly thrusting the point of a sword into the ground — she managed to spike herself as well.

Now I suppose you could argue that the good luck ceremony actually worked, or else she'd have severed her femoral artery … but maybe in the future she and her fellow Wiccans will consider availing themselves of toy swords.


1. Of course.

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Comment by Seven Crows on July 23, 2008 at 12:27pm
HA! I saw that yesterday and thought "oh the irony!"



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