One thing which strikes me since I work in a telephone all day is how rude some people are. My work is to be a telemarketing seller, I think I am quite adept at my work and I can't say I perform worse than anyone else here. Telemarketing is a little about luck, sometimes people never respond, sometimes you never reach the wanted recipient. In any case, one thing which is quite noted in this work is how rude people are when responding to you in the telephone. It's as if they can be a little extra rude because you don't see each other face to face.

While I understand that some people have bad days and some people get constantly called from other telemarketing sellers all the time, imagine to be in my shoes for once! For some reason telemarketing sellers are not seen as people, they are seen as a nuisance. I become happy when people treat me kindly from the other side of the telephone line.

Often people just say "no, no, no" when I present myself and from which company I call from, sometimes people just put on the hook before I am able to finish, sometimes people put on the hook without saying bye. I am quite positive people would not respond like this in other instances, ONLY towards telemarketing people.

Why are we seen as a pest instead of what we are? Young people trying to earn our own money because we fail to get any other type of work because they demand a basic requirement of either a driver's license or some sort of education and/or previous experiences in the working field of choice. Undoubtly, if people were in my shoes, I think they would feel a little more sympathy towards us who can only get such work.

Think like this:
I work the least wanted days during the week; once summer ends we will go back to normal worktime which ranges from 17.00-20.30. The time most people want to be home. Also imagine to constantly meet people like YOU, people who say "no, no, no!" and throw the damn phone on the hooker before you can even finish your sentence, people who don't even try to sound a little nice while they are talking, people who obviously are not listening to what you say, people who can't even arse to say bye once the conversation is over, people who become furious just because you happened to call at all. No, that doesn't sound like such a nice work anymore, does it? Why in the world would someone ever like to work at such places? Like I said before, the reason is that students in particular lack the right education and previous working experience to actually finance themselves with any sort of real work. Do you want to get into a serious company doing anything else but telemarketing, chances are that you or your family must know an employee within that company which can control what people are to be recruited.

Also imagine what I must do every day except having to stand with the obviously rude people. I have to sound nice, I have to sound like I believe in what I do, I have to live with a crap salary far below an acceptable living standard even for a full-time worker because I only work towards a commission based salary, which means I only earn money for each sell I do. Thus, my income can range a lot depending whether it's a good or a bad day. By working here I hope I can get enough money so I can finish my studies without taking loans, and then I can finally search for a DECENT job. I know that my experience is not very different from many other students and young people who fail to get other jobs because of lack of education and previous working experience.

So please, I beg you, next time you hear a telemarketing seller, is it too much to ask to at least sound a little NICE? This is what I have to do all day no matter how bad I feel, no matter how much I want to scream "oh my god shut the fuck up you fucking idiot. Stop act like a selfish bitch". So all I ask, just act a little nice, everyone will win on that, and you can help me to make me feel my work isn't so bad which it actually is.

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