It's been reported this week that John "McSame" McCain has been cavorting with his potential V.P. candidates. One name that's supposedly high on his list is Minnesota Governor Tim "T-Paw" Pawlenty. If Dick Cheney was the dark emperor from 'Star Wars' this guy wouldn't just be his Darth Vader...he'd kill him in a bid for power and use the corpse as a chair.

Those outside Minnesota likely know very little about 'little Timmy from Maple Grove' so I felt the need to share this article from the local free press paper the City Pages. It's something on an expose' on his record-breaking veto record. It's long, covering 34 of his more shining examples of personal politics, irresponsible financial planning and just being an asshole. Worth a read for the politically minded.

Governor No: Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty grooms himself for vice-presidential consideration--by being a jerk.
By Jonathan Kaminsky

With circulation numbers in the hundreds of thousands and their annual "Best of the Twin Cities" awards (which has a make or break effect on everything from restaurants, hair boutiques, theaters and bars) it's well known around the cities and surrounding 'burbs. It is fair to note that the 'Pages' does have a severely leftist overtone that they aren't shy about promoting. The very nature of the article shows that but the facts are, in fact, facts. His voting record and veto papers are public record and speak for themselves.

For those less willing to read the whole article, here's two of my favorite examples.

4. Tim Pawlenty, tough guy
In mid-March, with the legislative session well underway and Pawlenty crisscrossing the country on behalf of John McCain, House Majority Leader Tony Sertich (DFL-Chisholm) told reporters that Minnesotans would be "shocked" to know that the governor and legislative leaders "have not been in the same room since the start of the legislative session."

Shortly thereafter, Sertich got a call from a Pawlenty aide with a message straight from the governor: "Cheap shots are cheap, but they're not free."

A couple of weeks later, when the time came for Pawlenty to have a crack at line-iteming the massive borrow-to-build bill, he made good on his threat.

Gone were all three projects in Sertich's Iron Range district.

"You try not to take it personally," Sertich says. "But nobody should be subject to any retribution like that."

It didn't end there.

No doubt fueled by lingering bitterness from the transportation bill veto override, Pawlenty eliminated every single project in St. Paul—reducing at least one local legislator to tears. He killed bike and walking trails across the state, and, in one stroke, cut funding for the University Avenue light rail line.

In the end, Pawlenty's light rail shocker proved to be just a bargaining chip. But his underlying message wasn't lost on anyone: Play with fire and get scorched.

29. Rest assured, health care conglomerates: Pawlenty's got your back

When it comes to health care, Pawlenty is a fierce advocate for profit-hungry insurers and an avowed foe of universal coverage.

But even by his standards, the deathblow he delivered to an ambitious five-county plan to administer state-funded health care to the poor was brazen.

Two years in the making, the Stedfast program was set to start serving more than 2,000 Medical Assistance patients in southern Minnesota in October. The idea was to offer better care with lower overhead than the private insurers already contracted by the government for the same purpose.

The bill to get the program off the ground breezed through the Legislature, passing 115-12 in the House and 52-7 in the Senate. It would have automatically enrolled the roughly 30 percent of eligible patients not yet on a plan.

But it's bad for business when a superior, less-expensive product enters the marketplace. Fortunately for Blue Cross and UCare, the two private insurers threatened by Stedfast, Pawlenty was there for them when it counted.

He vetoed the bill, which he said "decreases competition among managed care plans."

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