Transitional fossils are under attack, the ultimate straw man argument.
Everywhere you look these days, ignorant people who are caught up in the delusion of theism are calling out one mantra in a loud voice, "show me the transitional fossils".
No other request is so poignantly telling as this. Transitional Fossils like half bird and half lizard, or half monkey and half homo-sapiens. It’s a request that tells us that they don’t know that they don’t know. That is about as bad as ignorance can get really, not even realizing that you don’t know, while thinking you do know.

Let me tell you how to handle these people when they throw the statement, “where are the transitional fossils at, show me an amoeba turning into a human”, just calmly tell them that ALL fossils are in transition. It’s the truth. Every fossil that has ever been dug up, and all those yet to be dug up share one quality, they are all fossils of a plant or an animal in transition. If it’s alive or has been at one time, it is in the process of transition.

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