Children’s personification of inanimate objects compliment their imaginary friend complex and subjects them to being unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy to the point of where even as an adult they cling to an Imaginary attic friend whom they have been conditioned to believe really exists and should be referred to as an almighty omniscient god whom spares no rod to those without faith to worship it’s name and proclaim to all others that they too need to worship this invisible “who” whom they do not have evidence exists yet cite as fact and deny sciences act of studying reality in which no supernatural events have been found to be sound or even remotely possible in a world where respect for nature is being replaced by mans attachment to comfort and his imaginary attic friend who claims to fill in all the gaps to its host’s unknowns and stones all others who do not share the same grand delusion of the idea of a peaceful supernatural deity who curiously allows suffering and peculiarly requires it’s followers to reject reason, logic, and evidence for carefully arranged words in a man made book without proof to support its claims so it remains a spoof to me and all others who think reasonably free from such memetic debris.

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