Romancing free will is but an attempted love affair, a love affair with one’s self, with control, an effort towards independence from the causal environment. But because we are part of the casual environment, no real betrayal can be made, for any attempt to divorce from ones arranged marriage would be determined by the very union one is attempting to break. We are in wedlock, a civil union where we take on the role of both spouses. Not only are we casualties of our environment but also contributors to it. Ironically, the illusion of free will that one believes one is romancing was caused by the very deterministic environment one is rebelling against. So there can be no rebellion against it without it’s authorization and direction. To have an affair with the illusion of free will is still making love to one’s casual environment. There is no escape, there can be no affairs, as it is everywhere, we move it, it moves us, it can be your only love as it is determined and established by the trajectory of the initial conditions.

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