Ahh... So I've just come back from Florida, and the trip was amazing! Gulf-front condo, right on the dunes :) Hard work pays off, and how. My hubby Matt and I stayed in Seacrest beach, about 5 minutes from Seaside, where they filmed the Truman Show. The town was great; all the crackerbox houses and condos are painted various pastel shades, and the beaches are all private! We took about a bajillion pictures, so I'll be posting those this afternoon. I picked up Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time at the local (and very cool) book/music store, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

We went to an outlet mall called Silver Sands while we were there. It's apparently the largest outlet mall in the U.S. I believe it; it took us 4 hours just to visit all the stores we found interesting! I brought a lot of money on this vacation since I knew we'd be visiting this place, and I only ended up buying a dress and a leather riding jacket. An outlet mall it may be, but the prices, at least on women's clothes, leave something to be desired. So we ended up at Perry Ellis, and we bought Matt a new fall wardrobe :D

Matt's family was about 10 miles down the beach from us, on their own vacation, so we visited them one day as well. We saw the new Batman movie. And so should everyone! It was so so sooo much better than the last movie, and Heath Ledger's Joker was the best villain (IMO) in the series yet.

Well, I could just rant and rave about how awesome my vacation was, but I need to post these pictures so everyone can be jealous ;). I'm ba-ack!

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Comment by TJMorgan on July 29, 2008 at 11:43am
I so envy you right now. :)



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